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Jim Burnett, Founder & CEO
Grass Valley, CA

And Tell Us Where to Go!

No, not in the H-E- double hockey sticks sense. We just might
find our way to the dreaded place all on our own, thank you very much.

But we do want to know if our expert missed the proverbial
boat. Did we overlook the best chocolate maker in the city?
Recommend a restaurant that served food you wouldn’t give
your dog? Did our expert recommend a CD by an unfamiliar
name that knocked you out? Steer you toward a great ear, nose,
and throat doctor in your city?

Let us know. We crave feedback. So send us an e-mail with your
bouquets and brickbats. We’re not going to print them. But we
promise to read each and every one and send them along to the
expert who provided the recommendations. Our expert will
check out your suggestions for additions or deletions to his or
her list of recommendations. You might hear from us personally
as well.

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