Welcome to the Demo for ExpertRex



Why Did You Change Your Name?

We found a better one. The site used to be called ExpertOpinions.info. Now it’s ExpertRex.com. The new name precisely describes the site — consumer recommendations from expert sources. So when the name became available, we jumped on it.

What’s the Point of the Demo?

1. To give you examples of the kinds of recommendations you’ll find on ExpertRex;
2. To indicate the scope of ExpertRex;
3. To show you precisely how ExpertRex will work.

What is ExpertRex?

An online magazine for consumer recommendations and information. In short: “Your Guide to THE BEST of [Almost] Everything!”

What is Your Mission?

To give you a quick, easy, and enjoyable way to find recommendations from unbiased experts in almost every category you can think of.

So ExpertRex is a Review Site?

No, we’re a recommendation site. Here’s the difference. A review site gives you the good, the bad, and the ugly. We just recommend the good stuff.

How Will ExpertRex Help Me?

1. ExpertRex saves you time.

Finding unbiased and reliable consumer recommendations is difficult, time-consuming, and aggravating. ExpertRex enables you to find high-quality recommendations in seconds.

2. ExpertRex saves you money.

Most of the businesses recommended by ExpertRex will offer you “Extras” in the form of discounts, free shipping, a free dessert, etc.

Do I Have to Pay to Use ExpertRex?

Not even one penny.

ExpertRex is not a subscription service. All of the recommendations and consumer information on the site are free and available to everyone.

Is ExpertRex an Aggregation Site?

Not exactly. We generate content using human beings rather than algorithms. It’s more accurate to say we’re a comprehensive site. Since we’re “Your Guide to THE BEST of [Almost] Everything!”, we cast our net very wide. ExpertRex will be much more comprehensive than any other online or offline consumer guide.

So ExpertRex Is a Curation Site?

Yes. We make the same type of editorial decisions a magazine or newspaper makes. We select the experts, edit their recommendations, and make tons of other decisions in order to give you the best possible consumer guide. For example: how many restaurant reviewers should we have for San Francisco or Seattle? These types of questions are best resolved by human beings, not algorithms.

Who Are the Experts?

Some are household names, such as Lonely Planet, Good Housekeeping, Fodor’s, and Kiplinger’s. Others names may be unfamiliar, such as Steven Metzger, our expert for Chico and Redding. All are carefully selected for their integrity and knowledge. Click on the link attached to the expert to find out more about him, her, or it.

As Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once said about pornography, “You know it when you see it.” When you read recommendations from our experts, and check out their backgrounds, you’ll know they’re the real deal.

Can a Business Buy a Recommendation on ExpertRex?

Not a chance.

Even If They Offer You $1 Million?

No way. Integrity is everything to us. As a practical matter, ExpertRex simply won’t succeed unless you trust our recommendations. Along those lines, our experts are forbidden from accepting anything from the businesses they recommend.

What Else Will I Find on ExpertRex?

Information we think is particularly interesting or entertaining. For example, “Fun Facts About Maple Syrup” on our Best Maple Syrup page.

How Do You Make Money?

We could tell you, but then we might have to … troll you on Twitter? We’re happy to share our revenue-generating model with potential investors. Suffice it to say that we won’t ever charge consumers to access our recommendations and information and we don’t accept advertising.

What About Privacy? What Information Do You Collect About Me?

Since we don’t generate revenues by selling ads, we have no need to collect information about you. At ExpertRex, you aren’t tracked or targeted. At least by us – we can’t promise the NSA isn’t watching. We do our best to treat visitors to ExpertRex as honored guests, not as marks to be exploited.

Sounds Too Good to Be True. What’s the Deal?

It’s pretty simple. Because of our business model, we’re able to create a “pure” consumer guide without any tradeoffs. We don’t have to compromise our principles to generate revenues and profits. We’re happy about that, and we think you will be too.

How Often Are Your Recommendations Updated?

Frequently. As part of their contract with ExpertRex, our experts agree to update their recommendations on a regular basis. (Please note — this arrangement doesn’t apply to the demo. Some of the pages on the demo are dated, for two reasons. First, it’s a demo. Second, we won’t have long-term agreements with our experts before the site is officially launched.) That’s the beauty of an online magazine as opposed to print — updates are quick and easy. If you see a recommendation page that is outdated, please let us know.

What Are ExpertRex Feature Stories?

Each month ExpertRex will bring you two original articles by some of the best journalists in the country. Since ExpertRex is recommending “THE BEST of [Almost] Everything!”, we thought we’d include some of the best journalism as a bonus.

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